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June 1, 2017

Fast Eddie's World Famous Chicago Hot Dogs 1994-2017


Throughout his successful career, Eddie Ermoian had a dream to be the ultimate hot dog vendor like those he grew up seeing in and around Chicago. After his first retirement, it didn’t take long for Eddie to take it to another level on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado. Eddie felt that it was more than just selling a hot dog… it was, indeed, an experience. 

Eddie did it all with passion, personality, and a little sign that read “We speak Chicago.’’  When people finally got to the front of the line at Eddie’s cart, they had his undivided attention for however long it took him to drag a dog through the garden of condiments. He looked at each customer with those baby blue eyes and that genuine smile. He gladly spoke about any subject, whether it was about family, sports, or just the weather. The lines were sometimes long at Eddie’s cart because he made people feel great.

It’s for those reasons and Eddie’s continuous passion for that human side of the business that Vienna® Beef takes pride in acknowledging Eddie with a special Hot Dog Hall of Fame award. From all of us at Vienna® Beef, we honor his achievement and his memory.