Vienna Beef Updates!
Vienna Beef Updates!
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November 3, 2015

Al's Beef/1079 W. Taylor Street/Chicago

This Little Italy food icon actually began back in 1917, when Anthony Ferrari started making his own seasoned beef and peddled it in the neighborhood. But jump ahead 20 years to 1938 when Anthony’s kids Frances and Chris Pacelli Sr. further developed the beef recipe and sold it in their stand. In 1968, the family, with cousins, Chris and Terry at the helm, opened at their current digs on Taylor, adding our very own Vienna Beef hot dogs.

Al’s has truly been a founding father of the now famous Chicago style Italian Beef. Their success has been due to generations of family hard work and consistent product that has led to the franchising of Al’s Beef. Their great name and quality is now available around Chicago and throughout the country. They have been honored with Best Beef in Chicago awards and have appeared on numerous television stations. Celebrities like Jay Leno and Jim Belushi love to stop by Al's whenever they get the chance.